Why Rishikesh is called World Capital of Yoga?

Why Rishikesh is called World Capital of Yoga?

The major reason for Rishikesh’s renown as the yoga capital is its contrast with the overtly spiritual flavor of other destinations, such as Varanasi and Haridwar, which are more focused on Hindu religion and rituals.

yoga capital - Rishikesh

Rishikesh’s remoteness has further meant that common services aren’t readily available here, making it perfect for the yogic way of life, which involves cutting yourself off from the world to concentrate on the spiritual. Yoga and meditation are omnipresent in Rishikesh and not just in the ashrams. Filled with beautiful winding streams leading off of the Ganges and breathtaking natural splendor, every corner of Rishikesh makes a great makeshift yoga studio. Spirituality pervades almost all aspects of life in Rishikesh, with days usually starting and ending with meditation and yoga sessions. The town is also filled with numerous small temples where kirtan and bhajan sessions are conducted on a daily basis. Yoganandham also offers the same spiritual environment of Ashram living to our guests with Yoga and Meditation.

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