200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Starting From 15th of September

Why choose YOGANDHAM for Yoga Teacher Training?

  1. Yoganandham is ranked “No 1 in all Yoga school in Rishikesh” when it comes to Teaching Quality. We have a team of “Experienced Teaching Staff” which are comfortable with all type of guests.
  2. Yoganandham is located in a very precious and beautiful location. Yoganandham is located at the heart of the Rishikesh (The World Capital of Yoga).
  3. At Yoganadham we have very spiritual and holistic environment at Ashram which helps the Sadhak to find the inner peace and perfection.
  4. At Yoganandham we only take maximum 20 students in one group so that we can pay attention on every student properly.


  1. During your Yoga Teacher Training we will take all TTC students to different natural places to do different types of Yoga Workshop.
  2. Yoganandham Yoga School is registered with Yoga Alliance USA.
  3. During your Yoga Teacher Training you can also experience the life in Ashram which will lead you to the spiritual mindset because of the holistic environment of Ashram.
  4. Our teacher are very well experienced and very well versed with students of all ages from old to Young.
  5. Yoganandham is well established and respected yoga institution in Rishikesh.
  6. Yoganandham provides you a variety of different Yoga Courses such as “200 hour Yoga Teacher Training”, 100 hour Yoga Teacher Training”, “Yoga Retreat Course” “Yoga Philosophy”. You can choose any course according to your interest’s.

For more information about 200 Yoga Training Training at Yoganandham Click here


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